Ingi Rśnar Ešvaršsson

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Occupation: Professor

Borgir, 3. hæð

Phone: 460 8613
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Academic Background

1982, BA degree in sociology and pedagogics, University of Iceland
1983, Teacher certificate, University of Iceland.
1992, PH D in Sociology, Lund University, Sweden.

Academic/Research Interests

Knowledge management, management, labour markets, regional innovation, societal effects of universities

Work Experience

2001, professor in management, University of Akureyri
1999-2001, senior lecturer in management, University of Akureyri
1997-1999, lecturer in management, University of Akureyri
1997, teacher in sociology, Kopavogur’s secondary school
1994-1996, author of the Graphical union history, the Icelandic Graphical union
1992-1994, author of the history of printing in Iceland, The icelandic indstrial history
1991-1992, adjunkt in sociology, Department of Sociology, Lund University, Sweden.